Corona del Mar High School and Middle School

Please join The CdM Foundation in expressing our gratitude by purchasing a special lunch for our teachers. Scan the QR code on the flyer, or go to to donate any dollar amount.  Thank you in advance for supporting this event and other Foundation programs that benefit our entire CdM Community. There is still time to donate a lunch to a teacher until March 26, 2021.

THANK YOU to our wonderful families who donated to the TK Burger Truck For The Teachers:

The Allen Family     The Brown Family     The Cianfrani Family     The Cook Family     The A. Cooper Family     The J. Cooper Family     The DeBie Family     The DeSantis Family     The Duby Family     The Dusi Family     The Edwards Family     The Eilers Family     The Forrester Family     The Foster Family     The Fratantaro Family     The Graves Family     The Greer Family          The Healy Family     The Hemphill Family     The Hofer Family     The Hult Family     The Hurwitz Family     The Ip/Huang Family     The Kerrigan Family     The Kittleson Family     The Krantz Family     The Lew Family     The Mannon Family     The Marciano Family     The Masterson Family      The Mears Family     The Miller Family     The Nguyen Family     The Okamoto Family     The Paulsen Family     The Plumb Family     The Pompili Family     The Rakunas Family     The Richards Family     The Rose Family    The Sahagun Family     The Schafer Family     The Schneider Family     The Selim Family     The Sidebotham Family     The Snider Family     The Sonenshine Family     The Sparks Family     The Srinivasan Family     The Stefano Family     The Stein Family     The Steingruebner Family     The Tomac Family     The Valentine Family     The Vasterling Family     The Walz Family     The Webb Family     The Wrate Family 

* donation list is current as of March 22, 2021, at 5:00 p.m.

tk burger truck flyer