Donor Recognition Policy

The CdM Foundation wants to fairly and openly recognize everyone for their generous contributions that support CDM Middle and High Schools. There are three types of recognitions that the Board supports:

• Current Donors
• Specific Fundraising Donors
• Lifetime Donors

These three donor categories will be recognized through websites, newsletters and donor boards placed throughout the school. To insure that there is equitable and consistent recognition of our generous donors, the Board has prepared this Donor Recognition Policy. The Board will reserve the right to make exceptions if it deems it is in the best interest of The CdM Foundation.


While a donor family has a student (related directly or indirectly) at either CDM Middle or High School, the donor family shall be recognized as a Current Donor so long as annual cumulative donations are at least $1,500. Once a family no longer has a student at either school, they shall not be considered a Current Donor. This has the effect of dropping a name for purposes of donor recognition.


A family donor that contributes cumulatively at least $10,000 will be recognized as a Lifetime Donor and be recognized as such. These donors will be recognized separately from Current Donors on a permanent basis and will not be removed once their children leave the school.


The amount recognized will be based upon cumulative donations to The CdM Foundation while they have a student at either CDM Middle or High School. For example, if a donor contributes $25,000 one year and $1,500 two years later, that donor will be deemed to have donated $26,500 on a cumulative basis and be recognized as such.


Pledges shall be recognized at the full amount upon receipt of a pledge for recognition so long as they are current on their pledge payment. Contributions such as underwriting for Neptune’s Ball will be counted as a donation for the year of contribution but cannot be applied to fulfill a pledge payment.


(i.e., Bi-Annual Fundraisers)

Cash donations made to sponsor events or cash donations made at an event shall be recognized as a donation but cannot be applied to satisfy a pledge. However, donations received in the form of services and items (i.e. which are not received in cash donations) which are used to raise money through auctions shall not be recognized as a donation. Similarly, the money received from purchasing such items at an auction or other similar event shall not be recognized as a donation. All efforts will be made to recognize these contributions in some other form including newsletters, event brochures, and websites.