Other Areas of Support

The Foundation has invested over $11,000,000 since 1996 in our children’s needs and created a better CDM. Other areas where we provide funding include: the Music program, departmental grants, Advanced Placement programs, C-STEM grants, grading assistants, technology lab assistants, Sciene teaching assistant, part-time all sports trainer, community service programs, staff development, dance floors, all-weather track, science lab upgrades, roof repairs, parking lot repairs, theater repairs, supplemental textbooks, classroom white-boards, school librarian, etc.
Simply said, your money is at work creating a better CDM. Thank you for supporting the CDM Foundation and your child’s education. CDM is a phenomenal learning environment, but we need the support of all to sustain the success or our Middle School and High School.

Staff Additions

Until recently, the Foundation focused most of its budget on adding people. The Foundation is not permitted to fund teaching positions but has been able to fund other important staff additions. Over the years, the District recognized the benefit of some of the positions created and funded by the Foundation. When similar positions were created at each of the high schools and middle schools, the District took over their funding at CDM. The Foundation’s annual budget changed based on need, success of a position and whether qualified candidates could be found for a position. Over the years, the Foundation has funded:

  • At least one Guidance Counselor
  • A College Counselor
  • A Guidance Technician to assist the Guidance Counselors so the Counselors have more time to counsel
  • An activities director for the 7th and 8th grades
  • A school nurse for 4 days instead of the 2 paid for by the District
  • A community service coordinator and an internship coordinator
  • At least one on-site computer technician
  • Teaching assistants in math, science, English, foreign language, social studies and music to reduce the effect of large class sizes
  • An athletic trainer
  • After-school math clinic, science clinic and English clinic
  • Drama Teacher
  • Senior Project Coordinator
  • Staff Development and Technology Training
  • Guidance Counselor Retreat
  • Teacher Retreat
  • Challenge Days
  • PAL/Academic Mentoring Program
  • Campus security
Maintenance & Capital Improvements

The Foundation has continued to fund deferred maintenance and capital items in recent years.

  • $200,000 for technology
  • Creating a dry science lab for Earth Science and purchasing equipment for the lab
  • Rehabbing the restrooms
  • Refinishing the floors and painting the gymnasiums
  • Purchasing lockers
  • Pressure washing the campus each summer
  • Resurfacing the tennis courts
  • Adding fencing around the track and repairing root damage
  • Purchasing furniture for the career center and the counseling office
Academics & Arts

The CDM Foundation is dedicated to supporting the outstanding efforts of our students at CDM Middle and High School. As educational funding from our State and District become more limited, it is imperative that, as parents, we supplement the education of our children. In the 2015-2016 school year, the CDM Foundation will provide approximately $200K in funding to our academic and arts programs. The Foundation needs your financial support so we can help provide CDM the funds to meet the financial expenses associated with our Science programs, Advanced Placement Classes as well as our Music programs.

This school year, the Science department will be granted $35,000. The Science department chairs and the principals strive to provide our students the tools and resources so that our children receive an excellent education in Science. This school year the monies will go to funding a Science Teaching Assistant/Laboratory Coordinator (Christina Juska), our C-STEM program and other science specific programs. In the previous years, similar grants were used to purchase microscopes, Qwizdom testing devices and miscellaneous science supplies.

Also, each year the Foundation grants our highly successful AP programs with funds to provide extra programs and lectures to insure student success in the classroom and during AP testing.

In addition, the Foundation has been an enthusiastic supporter of Mr. Jamora’s Music program. The Music department runs various classes during the regular bell schedule, plus additional Drum Line instruction after school hours. This year the Foundation will grant $45,000 to the Music department. Mr. Jamora uses this money to fund teaching assistants, purchase equipment, and hire professional instructors to help with specific instruments.

If your child is in science, Advanced Placement or music classes at Corona Del Mar, they are directly benefiting from your donations and funds granted by the Foundation.