The Foundation’s investment in major and minor infrastructure enhancements improves the quality of our student’s education and learning environment. The funds supplied by the Foundation to upgrade and enhance CDM Middle and High School bridge the gap between the insufficient monies supplied by the district and the state of California.
Upcoming and Recent Infrastructure improvements include: the complete renovation and redesign of our 50 year old library into a modern learning center, the creation of a Tech Room located in the Enclave, renovation of the attendance office & nurse’s office, the renovation of athletic fields, the addition of sports equipment lockers, the repainting and refurbishing of existing lockers, landscaping and quad enhancements, the renovation of the gym foyer, trophy cases and the 50-year old gymnasium.

Since its inception in 1995, the Foundation has raised $11 million and has funded the following capital improvements:

  • Currently funding renovation of the 50 year-old library
  • Currently funding new Student Health Center and Attendance Office
  • Currently funding new Technology Room in the Enclave
  • Currently funding new game field for soccer and lacrosse
  • Currently funding new athletic lockers with Boosters and PTA
  • Renovated the Quad area
  • Renovated the athletic fields
  • Renovated the gym foyer and new trophy case
  • Painted the exterior of the entire school, landscaping, resurfaced the parking lots,
  • Pressure-washed the entire campus, repaired leaky roofs
  • Renovated the Little Theater

Library Renovation
From unused library to a state-of-the-art Learning Resource Center

In an effort to migrate the CDM Library’s educational model to a modern learning environment, the CDM Foundation Board has voted and approved a $400,000 allocation of funds which may be the biggest single donation contribution in the school’s history. The CDM Foundation, in concert with our Principals, has approved the full first phases to completely remodel/renovate the main campus Library. If approved by the NMUSD school board, the CDM Foundation will use the generous donations from many CDM Families to add multimedia, tablet stations, private student project rooms, full class tech room, improved private office space, team tech work areas, parking lot main entrance, smooth flow to/from the Student Resource Center (SRC), all the furnishings, tablet support station, and much more. Many research sources, periodicals, and certain books will be migrated to electronic format, while specified fiction and other more commonly checked out books will be more efficiently shelf organized: all to make the most efficient use of space and various technological opportunities now available in modern education. Thank you to our Foundation contributors, our Fund-a-Need Neptune Ball donors and thank you to our Principals. Without this generous support the educational enhancement of our outdated library would not be possible.

Attendance Office Renovation
This past summer, the aging and run-down Attendance Office was relocated to the main office and the new space was renovated. The CDM Foundation allocated $45,000 of your generous donations to create a much more useful, efficient and aesthetically pleasing environment for the staff, students and parents. Come visit the office’s new location on the left side of the main office.

Nurse’s Office Renovation

Now that the Attendance Office has been relocated and renovated, it is time for a new Student Health Center. The Health Center will occupy the entire old Attendance Office space. The space will be completely renovated resulting in a modern, clean and comfortable environment. The renovation is projected to cost $50,000 and will include sick and well areas plus a private nurse’s office. Designs are being finalized and will be released for constructions bids in the weeks ahead.

Student Resource Center


The CDM Foundation, working hand-in-hand with the PTA and The Boosters, funded renovation of the Student Resource Center. Historically this space, which is located in the center of campus in front of the library, was inaccessible and did not have the proper furnishings to be effectively utilized. The space had degenerated into secondary office space that was not available for student use most of the time. The CDM Foundation renovated this space with a relatively small amount of funds by replacing the carpet and furnishings, and redesigning the layout for use by students to research colleges and careers. The area is staffed by The College Programs Coordinator, Mary Russell, also funded by the CDM Foundation. This welcoming and friendly space is open to students Monday through Friday from 7:30am – 4:00pm and is used for:

  • College information workshops
  • College campus visits (200 schools visited in the 2014-2015 school year)
  • Naviance training
  • Individual college and career research at individual computer stations
  • College virtual tours
  • Career specialist speakers
  • Students to study and gather

Gym Renovation

The first phase of the Gymnasium renovation was completed in August 2011. The project included painting, cleaning and re-hanging CIF banners, new ceiling treatment, improved lighting, new scoreboards, and new multi-media projector and screens. The Gymnasium was substantially in its original condition since construction in 1962, almost fifty years ago. However, the District had no plans or funds for improvements to this facility at CDM. The Gym space is used on a daily basis by all CDM students either for physical education classes, testing, assemblies and rallies, sports team practices and games as well as after-school parent meetings, dances, awards presentations and tournaments. The initial phase of the project was funded by the generous support of CDM parents to The CDM Foundation’s annual fundraising effort, the Auction at Neptune’s Ball and sports Booster groups. The second phase involved remodeling the trophy case. The Third Phase included the expansion of the entry foyer to the gym, a redo of the entry doors into the gym, expansion of the trophy case area and renovation of the restrooms.



Quad Renovation

The Quad area received a much-needed makeover a few years ago. Old planters were renovated to provide for additional seating and more plants were added. Specifically, 20 new trees, 20 new planters, 2 grass areas and a new seat wall area next to the flag pole were added. The Foundation was able to complete the project in 8 weeks. Additionally, the Foundation replanted the planters in the lunch area with new, low-maintenance and drought-resistant plants since water in that area is not readily available. The Sea King statue was refurbished as well as a number of the plaques placed throughout the Quad. During the process, a time capsule box from the Class of 1987 was discovered. Finally, the stage area was repainted, the old Foundation donor board was removed and the benches around the pool entrance were repainted. In Phase II, a shade structure was added that complies with ADA rules so the stage is handicap accessible. Additionally, the remaining wall on the stage area was lowered and the access area to the transformer room under the stage was rebuilt. In the last phase of the renovation, a planter on the left side of the gymnasium was rebuilt and lighting was added to the Quad area. Additional seating has been added to the Quad in recent years, as well.