How Money Is Spent


The CDM Foundation, working hand-in-hand with the PTA and The Boosters funded the renovation of the student resource center. Historically this space, which is located in the center of campus right in front of the library, was inaccessible and did not have the proper furnishings to be effectively utilized.  The space had degenerated into secondary office space that was not available for student use most of the time.  The CDM Foundation renovated this space with a relatively small amount of funds by replacing the carpet, furnishings and redesigning the layout for use by students to research colleges and careers.   The area is staffed by The College Programs coordinator, Mary Russell, whose position is funded by The Foundation. This welcoming and friendly space is open to students Monday through Friday from 7:30am – 4:00pm and is used for:

  • College information workshops
  • College campus visits (200 schools visited in the 2014-2015 school year)
  • Naviance training
  • Individual college and career research at individual computer stations
  • College virtual tours
  • Career specialist speakers
  • Students to study and gather

The Foundation’s investment in major and minor infrastructure enhancements improves the quality of our student’s education and learning environment. The funds supplied by the Foundation to upgrade and enhance CDM Middle and High School bridge the gap between the insufficient monies supplied by the district and the state of California.

Upcoming and Recent Infrastructure improvements include: the complete renovation and redesign of our 50 year old library into a modern learning center, the creation of a Tech Room located in the Enclave, renovation of the attendance office & nurse’s office, the renovation of athletic fields, the addition of sports equipment lockers, the repainting and refurbishing of existing lockers, landscaping and quad enhancements, the renovation of the gym foyer, trophy cases and the 50-year old gymnasium.


The CDM Foundation funds technology initiatives to help CDM Middle and High School keep up with the rapidly changing ways that technology is improving education. Schools across the country are struggling to keep current with modern technologies. Providing students (and teachers) with the tools they are accustomed to using outside the classroom allows them to be more efficient while at school, and prepares them for post-high school where using technology is part of learning and working. Through the support of the Foundation, several initiatives have been implemented and will continue to grow as Foundation support continues:

Enclave Tech Room: A newly designed room located in the Enclave that is utilized by both middle and high school students. Technologies that are accessible to all of our CDM students include: robotics, 3-D printing, programmable production, graphic design software and other computer programming technologies. The Tech room will be used by students, teachers, classes and emerging clubs participating in technology competitions. The Foundation also provides funds for a part-time Tech Room assistant.

iPads for Instructors: An initial set of 30 iPad Airs were purchased and distributed to teachers that attended training sessions funded by the Foundation and additional training by the District. These iPads, used in conjunction with streaming software and the overhead LCD Projectors, allow teachers to broadcast lessons, videos, images and instructional materials found on the internet to their entire classroom. These tools allow instructors to bring the full interactive richness of the internet into the classroom lecture.

LCD Projectors: As in previous years, the Foundation has funded the replacement of aging LCD projectors which allow teachers to project study and example materials onto a big screen for the entire class. Fourteen projectors were purchased and installed into the new Middle School enclave.

Roaming Computer Labs: In the past, when a class needed to use a computer for research or other class assignment, the instructor would have to reserve the “computer lab” and bring the entire class to the lab (and back to class again). This causes disruption and loss of valuable instruction time. By funding the purchase of 120 laptop computers contained within 6 roving carts, the computer lab can now be brought to the classroom!

Tablets: Science and Math classes now have access to tablets. These class sets of iPads allowed each student to utilize the device to do research and create projects while in the classroom setting. It also allowed students to demonstrate their work to the entire class using the overhead LCD projectors. This initial program has laid a foundation further integration with personal computing devices in the hands of students to allow them to maximize their educational experience.


The Foundations has invested over $11,000,000 since 1996 in our children’s needs and created a better CDM. Other areas where we provide funding include: the Music program, departmental grants, Advanced Placement programs, C-STEM grants, grading assistants, technology lab assistants, Sciene teaching assistant, part-time all sports trainer, community service programs, staff development, dance floors, all-weather track, science lab upgrades, roof repairs, parking lot repairs, theater repairs, supplemental textbooks, classroom white-boards, school librarian, etc.

Simply said, your money is at work creating a better CDM. Thank you for supporting the CDM Foundation and your child’s education. CDM is a phenomenal learning environment, but we need the support of all to sustain the success or our Middle School and High School.