College Prep

Where Will You Be in 10 Years?

Enhance the educational standards and reputation of Corona del Mar Middle School and High School to create a national model of excellence in academic achievement. We are a community that believes in the importance of strong and vital schools. The Foundation provides funds that bridge the gap between the increasing cost of education and the insufficient funds from state and local government. The foundation annually funds supplemental staff, technology, infrastructure improvements, college preparatory advisement, and academic counseling services. The Foundation strives to promote the educational advancement and success of our students, helping to best prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.


The CDM foundation believes one of the most important investments they can make is in the future of CDM students. The foundation has invested over $1.5 million funding additional guidance counselors, college planning and preparation programs and improved facilities for this purpose over the past 5 years (2010-2014). This has enabled CDM High School to provide 2.5 additional resources for counseling, college planning and college programs. This investment enables CDM to uniquely assist students identifying their interests, find the right institution for post-secondary education and ultimately get accepted into that institution.


The CDM Foundation, working hand-in-hand with the PTA and The Boosters funded the renovation of the Student Resource Center (the “SRC”). Historically this space, which is located in the center of campus right in front of the library, was inaccessible and did not have the proper furnishings to be effectively utilized. The space had degenerated into secondary office space that was not available for student use most of the time. The CDM Foundation renovated this space with a relatively small amount of funds by replacing the carpet, furnishings and redesigning the layout for use by students to research colleges and careers. The area is be staffed by Mary Russell, The College Programs Coordinator. This space is open to students during school hours. Here is what Mary Russel has to say about the SRC:

“The Student Resource Center, otherwise known as the SRC, has definitely become one of the most popular kid friendly places at Corona del Mar High/Middle School! Our SRC is designed for multi-use all day long from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. Students in every grade 7th through 12th can the SRC for homework, small group projects, college and career research, or just as a place to hang out with friends. The SRC hosted over 200 University and College visits in the 2014-2015 school year. College representatives come from all over the nation to give an informative presentation about their school to our students. The SRC hosts college visits and career specialists as well. On a monthly basis students are invited to come listen to guest speakers before school, break, or lunchtime regarding various career opportunities for future employment. During the regular school day, over fifty students come in and work on the many computers that are available for their use. Inside the SRC the large lounge area is bright, airy and furnished with oversized chairs that give the students a feeling of comfort and calmness. That positive atmosphere in the SRC just might make it the “coolest” place to hang out on campus!”

The Results

CDM has had some of the best matriculation success among all public schools in California. CDM routinely graduates students that attend and succeed in the top institutions in the US. In 2014, CDM graduated 376 students that attended 99 different colleges and universities. Over 98% accepted placement in college and 88% attended a 4 your institution. Last year we had over 55 institutions visit the CDM campus. These visits enable the admissions offices at these schools to develop a unique appreciation for the type of students CDM produces and the rigors of our programs. This makes CDM students more competitive at these locations. While the numbers may be intriguing, the qualitative results tell the real story. Quotes from CDM students regarding their high school guidance counselors: