What is the difference between the Booster Club, PTA and Foundation?

How the 3 Fundraising 501(c)(3) Organizations work together to support the CDM students and improve and enhance the quality of CDM in the areas of academics, arts, music, athletics, technology, college preparation and capital improvements. All 3 organizations collaborate with the school administration and each other to meet the needs of the school. A universal request form is submitted to administration for consideration. One or more of the organizations are then identified to address the specific request/need presented and then managed accordingly.

CDM Foundation

The Foundation strives to raise significant capital (between $600,000 – $ 900,000 per year) to help bridge the gap between the increasing cost of education and the insufficient funds from state and local government. The foundation annually funds supplemental staff, technology, infrastructure improvements, college preparatory advisement, and academic counseling services. The Foundation has invested significant capital into improving the infrastructure of the school to provide an updated environment conducive for learning. The CDM foundation has funded major technology upgrades to support multimedia instruction. Improvements have included the installation LCD projectors; speakers, smart boards, document cameras in each classroom, as well as the roll-out of the iPad program in the 7th grade. Other infrastructure improvements such as renovating the Quad, athletic fields and most recently the significant renovations of both the Big and Small Gyms were all able to be done due to the generous donations made to the CDM Foundation. The Foundation also funds 5 FTE positions and several areas within the counseling department; has created the college planning guide; and has collaborated with both PTA and Boosters to create the new Student Resource Center (SRC).
The goal of the Foundation is to provide not only a physical environment that is conducive to education, but the additional support needed to enrich the academic and counseling programs.

CDM School Booster Club

The School Boosters support Academics, Activities, Arts and Athletics (4 A’s). The School Boosters typically raise between $65,000 to $80,000 per year through parent donations.. The percentage of funds distributed to each of the 4A’s varies from year to year depending on requests submitted to the board and the amount of designated funds. All of the approved funding requests are intended to respond to the immediate needs of the teachers and staff allowing them to achieve the goals of their curriculum and focus on the students. The typical items funded by School Boosters include everything from basic items such as white boards, iPads, microscopes, art desks, dance/drama rehearsal mirrors, and sports equipment to special assemblies, field trips, and teacher training. The School Boosters is in direct communication, with the CDM Administration, The CDM Foundation and PTA so that all the needs of the school are addressed in a timely and responsible fashion.

CDM Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA welcomes the membership and participation of all CDM parents and students. It holds monthly meetings featuring reports by both High School and Middle School principals as well as a monthly speaker who addresses a specific topic of interest. The PTA’s only fundraiser is a Fall Home Tour which raises about $150,000 a year. With this money, the PTA organizes and funds programs to enhance the day to day life of CDM students and teachers. PTA currently provides funding for the Naviance counseling software, library programs, teacher training and enrichment, the Middle School Holiday Program for the Veteran’s Hospital, Sea King Pride awards, High School Academic Letter and Middle School Awards and senior scholarships awarded at graduation. The PTA also provides the 400+ volunteers to help ensure the success of the various middle and high school events and programs throughout the school year.