The CDM Foundation annually raises funds to provide supplemental staff, technology enhancements, major and minor
infrastructure improvements, college preparatory advisement, departmental grants and athletic program enhancements.

Thank You to Donors and Participants

For Making TheEvent the Party of the Year!

… and helping to fund the reconstruction of the unused library into a LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER – a state-of-the-art student meeting, study, and collaboration center.

Duran Duran $10,000 Underwriters
The Spotts Family
Drs. Madhu and Jay Agarwal

Genesis $2,500 Underwriters
Molly and Tim Britt

Journey $1,000 Underwriters
Kelly and Jim Neiger
Brooke and Joe Stefano
The Sharf Family
Colleen and Tony Premer
Ellie and Steve Campbell
The Wardwells
JIKES Foundation
Suzanne and Dave Gauntlett
Mindy and Nik Froehlich
Erin and Dave Greenwald
Tewari Family
Daneia Sandiki and Art Rice
Kameron and Alex Radovanovic
Vicky and Eric Fults
Dana and Steve Neiger
Harbilas Family
Susan and Cory Thabit
The Gehl Family
Darby & Rex Olson
Shannon & Rick Eusey
Cami & Kendall Young
Laurie & Darryl Preedge
The Grippo Family
Arvin & Shamini Wijay
Vafa & Ladan Rakshani
Pam & Bud Pharris
Larry Webb
Julie Kelly
Brian & Jennifer Gehl
Brooke & Joe Stefano
The Niedermayer Family
Douglas Linkon
Pam and Alex Munro
The Kennedy Family

The Cure $500 Underwriters
Tracy Sargeant
Pam Howard
Amy Senk
Liz & Brian Jeter
Jill & Dan Byers
Sindy & Chris Fredrick
Andrea Fine, Ed Susolik & Family
Karen Yelsey
John & Cynthia Dickinson
Eve & Eric Lowey


$500 The Cure
Includes an invitation to the underwriters party on March 2

$1,000 Journey
Includes 2 tickets and an invitation to the underwriters party

$2,500 Genesis
Includes 4 tickets and an invitation to the underwriters party

$5,000 Queen
Includes 6 tickets and an invitation to the underwriters party

$10,000 Duran Duran
Includes 8 tickets and an invitation to the underwriters party

Questions or comments?

Contact Jane Jones or Michele Caston